Your event timetable for GGJ NEXT.

Day 1

Introduction to Jamming

What does it mean to jam?

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Day 2

Parts of a game

Learn about parts of a game.

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Day 3

Prototype and Playtest

Learn about prototyping and playtesting to improve your games

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Day 4

Games as Systems

Today we will learn to think about games as systems.

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Day 5

Thinking Creatively About Game Ideas

Explore game elements and mechanics in a creative way.

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Day 6

Team Formation, Ideation, Preliminary Design

Watch the keynote, form teams and come up with ideas.

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Day 7

Finalise Game Ideas, Assign Roles, Begin Work

Take the best ideas from our prototypes, and develop them further.

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Day 8

Develop your game

Continue working to get to a second prototype

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Day 9

Game development & playtesting

Keep working on the development of your game, and playtest!

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Day 10

Finish your game!

Get your prototype into a playable state.

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