Day 3: Prototype and Playtest

Learn about prototyping and playtesting to improve your games

  • Paper Prototyping

    Start with this video to learn about the paper prototyping process.

  • Paper Prototyping Activity

    Let’s try the prototyping activity described in the video.

    Practice Paper Prototyping Worksheet (PDF)

  • Let's Grow a Game

    Let’s try another way to quickly prototype an idea from scratch.

    Let’s Grow a Game Worksheet (PDF)

  • Extension Activity

    Extension Activity – A digital tool that can help build out prototypes quickly is GameStar Mechanic.

    As an optional extension, you can try creating your “Grow a Game” Prototype inside of GameStar Mechanic.

  • The Role of Play Testing

    Now let’s watch a video about playtesting, to learn about how we can use our prototypes to get feedback that will improve our ideas.

  • Playtest and ask someone questions!

    Time to playtest! Use what you learned in the video to playtest a game idea. Use one of the two games you made this morning, or one of the games you made yesterday. Have someone who hasn’t seen your game yet play your game, observe them as they play and then when they finish ask them:

    • What did it feel like to play this game?
    • What would you improve about this game?

    Remember the goal is to listen to their feedback, not to defend the choices you made. After getting the feedback make a plan for what you would change in your game to make it better.