Day 2: Parts of a game

Welcome to day 2. Today we will learn about parts of a game.

  • Parts of a Game

    Start with this video to learn about the different parts of a game.

  • Use the parts of a game

    Pick a new game. Can you name each of the 5 parts of that game? See if you can name the Goal, Space, Components, Mechanics and Rules of that game.

  • Hack Rock Paper Scissors

    Now an activity to put the parts of a game to use! Redesign the classic game, Rock-Paper-Scissors.

    Hack Rock Paper Scissors Worksheet (PDF)

  • You are the Game

    Here’s a second activity to make your own original game, using the 5 parts of a game to guide you.

    You Are The Game Worksheet (PDF)

  • Iterative design

    Watch this video to learn how to iterate to make your games better.

  • How can your earlier games be made better?

    Pick one of the two games you made earlier. Try playing the game, with someone else if needed. As you play, what worked well and was really fun? What worked poorly, and can be made better?

  • Improve your game

    Improve your game. Now it’s time to make the game better! Take one of the parts of your game that didn’t work well and go back to your game. Which part of your game (Goal, Space, Component, Mechanics, Rules) can you change to make the game better? Go back and redesign your game, completing your first design loop!