Day 6: Team Formation, Ideation, Preliminary Design

Welcome to the Jam! Make sure you first watch the Keynote!

  • Welcome to the Jam!

    Welcome to Jam week! The GGJ NEXT keynote will appear here at the start of the week.

  • Form Teams

    It’s time to form your team and begin working on your games! If you haven’t already, split into your groups and start with introductions and icebreakers. It’s useful to list some of your expertise so everyone can begin to understand how they can contribute.

    If you’re jamming by yourself, have no fear! You’re ready to start ideation! Get some game ideas going and generate some preliminary designs so that you can ultimately pick one to jam on.

  • Generate Game Ideas

    We’ve gone over several different techniques for making games – You can write out the 5 parts of the game, you can use the MDA framework, you can use verbs as a way to generate games, or you can draw out system diagrams.
    These are all ways of thinking through a game idea. Spend time today coming up with ideas, and thinking them through – what do you need to make to turn that idea into a reality?

  • Build Paper Prototypes

    For the ideas you are most interested in, work on making a paper prototype. What is the core of your idea? How can you test out that idea using paper? A paper prototype allows you to test out your idea and undergo your first design loop.