Day 7: Finalise Game Ideas, Assign Roles, Begin Work

Welcome to day 2 of the jam. Today we are going to try and take the best ideas from our prototypes, and develop them further.

  • Test Paper Prototypes

    Test that prototype! Try playing through the game by yourself if you can. You should always be the first to test out your ideas as the game designers. But also make sure to test with some others around you.

    Ask them:

    • What was fun about this prototype?
    • What wasn’t fun?
    • What could be improved?
  • Choose a Game Idea to make

    Today you’ll want to make sure you’ve got a finalized game idea to jam on. This will give you enough time to jam and complete a game.

    Remember that final ideas can still be iterated on! Testing and improvements should still go on throughout the next few days. And you can even start building your game today after you’ve decided on an idea.