Day 5: Thinking Creatively About Game Ideas

Today we are going to take you through how to explore game elements and mechanics in a creative way.

  • Designing Outside the Box

    Start with this silly creative exercise to challenge your mind and think outside of the box.

    Designing Outside The Box Worksheet (PDF)

  • Creative Designs and Diverse Materials

    Watch this video to learn about affordances and constraints, and how you can think creatively about the materials you have on-hand.

  • What can you do with a Component?

    Identify what you can do with a component. Now think about the affordances and constraints of a typical playing card. What can you do with a playing card? List ideas of what you can do, like draw it, rotate it, and peek at it.

  • Getting Past Candyland Mechanics

    In this video you’ll be asked to think about verbs in a game. This will provide the basis and help explain how the next activity will challenge you to explore interesting and unusual verbs.

  • Verbing away from Candyland

    And now it’s time to jump into an activity. Following what was explained in the previous video, you’ll be generating a list of verbs that will provide the basis for your next prototype. The challenge will be in deeply understanding the verb you select and prototyping a game that truly utilizes the verb!

    Verbing Away from Candyland Worksheet (PDF)

  • Select the platform for your game

    You’re ready to jam! Make sure you or your group have selected the platform that you’ll be creating your game on. From here on out you’ll be using all of the skills you’ve learned and practiced to jam on your game!