Run an Online Jam

GGJ NEXT® 2021 is virtual!

We are searching for online jam leaders to help us make GGJ NEXT 2021 a success during these challenging times. GGJ NEXT 2021 will run from 26 July – 6 August.

  • When is GGJ NEXT?

    GGJ NEXT 2021 is running as a 2 week long online event, with a week of teaching and learning, and a week of jamming. It will take place from 26 July – 6 August 2021.

  • How will GGJ NEXT be running online?

    GGJ NEXT 2021 will be running online with a combination of:

    • 1 week of teaching videos and worksheets to guide and teach your jammers
    • Extension tasks for kids who want to take their learning further
    • 1 week of guided jamming
    • Support from industry mentors
    • Support from GGJ NEXT staff and volunteers
    • A Discord server for GGJ NEXT participants, with your own private channel to support your jammers through the 2 week event
  • How can I get involved?

    If you want to run a jam for your local community, find out how to become a jam leader.

    If you want to be a mentor for jammers, helping them when they get stuck, or providing general information and advice, find out how to become a GGJ NEXT mentor.

    If you’re aged between 12-17 and want to take part in the jam, the best way to do this is to find a teacher or community group leader (like a summer camp, girl scouts, computer club, etc.) and get them to apply to be a jam leader. Or you could ask your parent if they would be willing to run a small jam for kids in your local area – we can give them support to do so.

General Guidelines for running a GGJ NEXT Jam Event / FAQ

So you want to run a GGJ Next Jam in your school or community? Here are some guidelines, and some answers to common questions. If you have any more questions just let us know, and we will get back to you.

We will give you the tools you need to run a successful online event including: 

  • A week’s worth of guided curriculum videos and worksheets to get your kids up to scratch with game design and development.
  • Guidance and support to run a 5 day virtual jam for your students
  • Online mentoring FAQ and feedback sessions with industry experts
  • An online team across multiple time zones to help make sure your jam runs as smoothly as possible
  • What is a game jam?

    The goal of a game jam is to come together and make a game (be it a videogame, board game, card game…) Jammers quickly come up with new ideas, and make quick sketches of how they might work to prototype and playtest. Often jammers have a theme or central idea to work with. The brief time span will encourage creative thinking and hopefully innovative experimental games.

  • What is GGJ NEXT®?

    GGJ NEXT provides both educational opportunities to learn about game development and an annual jam for young people age 12-17.

    The GGJ NEXT jam aims to bring together talented young people within their school and community. It is a unique opportunity for students to learn new STEAM skills, and improve their creative thinking and exploration in a safe space.

    The GGJ NEXT jam will happen all over the globe based around a central theme. Normally events will be between 1 and 5 days long, but for 2021 we are moving the event online to a 2 week format, with one week of teaching and one week of jamming.