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How to Support GGJ NEXT

Run a GGJ NEXT site

If you are a student and want to participate, show GGJ NEXT to your favorite teacher! If you are a teacher and interested, please apply! We are looking for teachers with the drive to bring game development to their classroom. Sign up here! And don't worry, you don't need experience making games, our micro-lesson curriculum is here to bring you up to speed.

Spread the Word

Are you a parent who really wants to see GGJ NEXT brought to your town? Or perhaps you are a company that loves to see students engaged in STEAM education? Whatever your reason, if you are excited about GGJ NEXT, we welcome you to spread the word. Share about us on social media, talk about GG JNEXT to your friends and teachers, or even partner with us! Follow us on Twitter and like our page on Facebook.

Help More Kids Get Involved by Making a Donation

GGJ NEXT is a nonprofit program run by Global Game Jam, Inc. a 501c(3) tax-exempt organization. Donations from people and organizations who care STEAM education is how our dream of giving everyone the opportunity to make a game began. You can donate here, or if you shop on Amazon, use AmazonSmile and choose Global Game Jam as your charity to donate a percent of all your purchases to us.


Do you want to help us achieve our mission of every child in the world making a game? We're looking for both corporations and individuals that are invested in helping grow STEAM opportunities for children all over the world.

Corporate Sponsorship

We believe that by partnering with corporations, we can better serve students all across the world. If you are a game developer, a tech tool creator, or you also have a mission of helping students succeed, please connect with our Executive Director at [email protected]. Together, we can make sure every child can participate in GGJ NEXT.


A good teacher has the ability to change a life. Our micro-lesson curriculum is full of teachers who recognized they could help others with their experience. By having teachers supporting teachers, we are creating an ecosystem of learners. We are always looking for new educators with passion and wisdom to create new micro-lessons. We understand people learn in different ways, and we want to tap into all of those different types of learning. Woud you like to make a micro-less for us? Sign-up here. Do you see a gap in our current curriculum you would like to fill? Do you see a lesson that can be taught a different way? Do you see ways in which GGJ NEXT can be even better? If so, please reach out at [email protected].