GGJ NEXT® is an annual event operated by the Global Game Jam® to serve younger people (12-17 years old) who are interested in learning the creation of video games.

In 2023 we are again focusing on running an online jam, supporting local jam leaders to run online workshops and events for their local communities.

Similar to the primary GGJ® event in January every year, GGJ NEXT is designed to stimulate collaboration and teamwork; it is not a competition.

Read the GGJ NEXT Brochure for more information

Leadership Committee

In additional to GGJ staff, this event is run by a small international team of volunteers banded together to share our collective knowledge of game development. This collaboration results in a curriculum for educators and parents to bring game development to classrooms, after school programs, community groups, and homes all around the world.

Ali Arya

Adeeb Syed

Brendon Trombley

Carol Stanger

Christopher Totten

Kate Edwards

Executive Director

Tim Cullings

Director of Operations

Jo Summers

Executive Committee

Kevin Miklasz

Curriculum Project Manager

Matthew Farber

Michael Gi

Noa Lahav

Scott Price